stat-new-england-3Stat Ambulance Service of New England is a licensed provider by the Department of Public Health in Massachusetts participates with all insurance coverage’s including Medicare, Medicaid, BC/BS and private insurances, and HMO’s.

All of our vehicles are equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and software to deliver the fastest most accurate level of transportation possible.

ALS - Advanced Life Support transportation is provided to those patients who need a higher level of care by our specially trained paramedics. They are trained to provide proper treatment with the highest level of care for patients transported to an emergency department or inter-facility.

BLS - Basic Life Support transportation is available for those patients not needing cardiac monitoring or extra support. These transports would include: Non-Acute Medical complaints, minor injuries and minor fractures, and also to individuals who need psychiatric support.

Wheelchair Transportation – Our experienced staff provides services to wheel chair patients who need transportation to doctor’s or hospital appointments. All of our staff is trained in CPR and basic First Aid.

Quality patient care is our priority. EMT Basic/ Paramedic training are important, but at STAT Ambulance Service of New England we believe that a technician’s sphere of knowledge can not be limited to hands-on technical skills alone. Only through continuing education can we foster technicians who are not only doers- but thinkers, as well. Education provides our technicians with the ability to recognize the entire complexity of a situation and to implement split-second, life-saving decisions based not only on routine procedure, but on deep knowledge and understanding of the problem at hand.

We continue to educate out staff on a routine basis to ensure the highest level of patient care possible.